Thank You For Joining The PPN Academy Waiting List

You're officially signed up to the Private Practice Ninja Academy Waiting list!

Let me tell you what's going to happen next….

and then please go check in your inbox or spam, for an email from me,

asking you to confirm your waiting list sign up. Thanks.

When the Academy doors open, you can expect:

  • Access to our library of 50+ videos – all the tools and ‘how tos’ you'll need to grow your Private Practice.

  • Once a month, join us on a live, mastermind video group call, which will include instructional video training, Q&A sessions and Hot Seat coaching sessions.

  • Once month masterclass, where we take a deep dive into a particular topic e.g. how to nail Instagram or approach potential referrers.

  • A community of like-minded people who will celebrate with you, push you, and give you constructive feedback.

  • Accountability, so you'll take action and be successful.

Itching to get cracking?

Before you jump back into seeing patients in clinic — let me say that this isn’t a “normal” waiting list email.

Most of the time, when you join a waiting list, you sit and you wait…

Today I want you to make a commitment to get ready for the Academy, and so I'm going to set you a little bit of homework – it'll be fun and easy.

I want you to ask three colleagues, what they think you are best known for, if they had to name just one thing. Literally, go and ask three people and write their opinions down verbatim. This could be a specific condition that you treat, or a problem you solve.

Then I want you to write down about YOU think you are known for, and how your colleagues' opinions compare with your opinion.

I'll be back in touch again to see how you get on,

Ninja Dr Cath x