Are You Seeing The Right Kind Of Patients?

Are you attracting the right patients to your Private Practice?


Perhaps you’re an orthopaedic surgeon, and lately the people turning up to your clinic just want a bit of reassurance about their flat feet, or they are complaining of heel pain. Hardly any of them are the kinds of patients who covert to surgery, and you end up only seeing them once.

Maybe you’re an osteopath who really likes to treat runners who want to get back to running, but the few patients who come to your clinic just want a ‘bit of hands on’ for their postural neck pain.

If you’re not sending the right messages about your area of expertise, you’re not going to see the right patients..

The answer to this is defining your niche, and when you have a niche, patients who need your skills will find you.

Now you might be thinking “but I don’t really have a niche – I’m not sure who I should be targeting’’.

In the Academy, you’ll learn how to determine what your niche should be, and how to develop a strong on-line presence to reflect this. You’ll have step by step support to help you target the right patients; ones you love to treat, and patients who bring you a proper income.

So, isn’t it time to change who’s sitting in your waiting room? Join the Academy.

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