Are You Investing In Your Private Practice?

Are you investing in your Private Practice- in the right places?


Are you a Doctor or Physio in Private Practice? Maybe you’ve been in Private Practice a while now – you’re seeing a few patients here and there, but the growth of your private practice has been slow. Perhaps your practice has taken a real down turn over the past few months, and you’re keen to get it back on track?

So what might you have tried so far? Maybe you’ve run a few Facebook Ads that flopped, or you’ve wasted a lot of money on an expensive agency who promised to ‘get you to the top of Google’? I bet they told you ‘it takes at least six months, too.

I see this all the time. Private Practice is a business, just like any other, and as with all businesses, you do need to make some investment to get your business to grow.

The problem I see is that clinicians invest their time and money in the wrong places.

Instead of giving your money away to other people, why not invest a small amount of money each month in something you know will work – learning the skills to grow your Private Practice yourself.

The Ninja Academy will give you all the tools you need to grow your Private Practice, at fraction of the cost you’d need to spend on external help.

So if you’re a Clinician and you want to grow your Private Practice, join us in the Academy.

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