Not Earning Enough?

Not Earning Enough?

Let me ask you a question about money.

Are you earning what you want to be earning, from your Private Practice?

Don’t get me wrong, Private Practice isn’t just about earning a great living, it’s also about gaining new freedoms to take time off when you want, and to be able to structure your working life to suit you.

Whether you’re new to Private Practice or a ‘seasoned’ expert, it can often seem that other people around you are seeing more patients, and yep, making more money than you.

The mistake I see when people aren’t earning enough, is that they rush to try to trim every little cost, and they don’t invest enough in outsourcing, which will free up their time for marketing.

Private Practice is a business.

There are necessary monetary investments required to run that business.

Rather than thinking about trimming costs, I want you to step into the ‘earning more money’ mindset; serving the patients that you love to treat, and who are happy to invest in your care.

In the Private Practice Ninja Academy, you’ll learn how to attract patients swiftly, how to raise your self-funding prices without scaring people away, and how to ensure that patients continue to return to you for their care.

How are you feeling about your Private Practice income?

Until next time,

Ninja Dr Cath x

When the Academy doors open, you can expect:

  • Access to our library of 50+ videos – all the tools and ‘how tos’ you'll need to grow your Private Practice.

  • Once a month, join us on a live, mastermind video group call, which will include instructional video training, Q&A sessions and Hot Seat coaching sessions.

  • Once month masterclass, where we take a deep dive into a particular topic e.g. how to nail Instagram or approach potential referrers.

  • A community of like-minded people who will celebrate with you, push you, and give you constructive feedback.

  • Accountability, so you'll take action and be successful.