USP And Niching

USP and Niching

When you join the academy, I want you to hit the ground running.


I asked you to ask three colleagues what they thought you are best known for- This could be a specific condition that you treat or a problem you solve. Then I asked you to compare their opinions with what YOU think you are best known for. If you didn’t do this little exercise – email, text, or WhatsApp three colleagues right now, and ask them.

Did you all agree on what it was you are best known for?

Were you surprised by what your colleagues said, or were the answers rather ‘wooly’ (such as‘she treats foot problems’, or ‘he looks after patients who have lung problems’)?

In Private Practice, it’s really important to have a niche area (or areas), that you are best known for.

Why is this? Because when patients are searching online for someone to take care of them and their problem, they don’t tap into Google ‘foot and ankle problems’, they type in things like ‘best bunion surgeon in Brighton’.If you don’t have a niche (and this doesn’t mean you can’t treat other conditions as well as your niche), then it becomes very difficult to stand out from your competitors.

Even if you think you have a niche, are you getting your message across well enough, in terms of what you’re writing about on your website, or telling people face-to-face, or on social media? In the Ninja Academy, you’ll learn how to truly define your niche, develop your USP, and make sure that potential patients and referrers can find you.

I’ll let you know the moment the academy doors open.

Ninja Dr Cath x

When the Academy doors open, you can expect:

  • Access to our library of 50+ videos – all the tools and ‘how tos’ you'll need to grow your Private Practice.

  • Once a month, join us on a live, mastermind video group call, which will include instructional video training, Q&A sessions and Hot Seat coaching sessions.

  • Once month masterclass, where we take a deep dive into a particular topic e.g. how to nail Instagram or approach potential referrers.

  • A community of like-minded people who will celebrate with you, push you, and give you constructive feedback.

  • Accountability, so you'll take action and be successful.