What’s Your USP?

What's Your USP

Do you have a physio practice in an area where there are many other physio practices?
Are you a cardiologist in a busy private hospital, where there are a dozen other cardiologists to choose from?

Do you ever feel that that there’s simply too much competition, or that a practice “more established’ that yours gets all the patients?
Blending into the background is no way to build success.

You need to know how to stand out from the crowd so that you become the go-to practice.
To do this, you need to develop your own “USP” and a personal brand. Are you a physio who is passionate about getting Mums swiftly back to exercise, or maybe you love nothing better than a really good op to correct ankle instability?

In the Academy, you’ll learn how to define and articulate your USP, so that patients see you as the expert whose help they need. Patients need to understand the benefits of what you do and the way you do it, and you’ll learn how to articulate the transformation you can take them through.

All this might seem like it’s going to take a lot of time; time that you don’t have.
We don’t believe in wasting time in the Academy, and you’ll swiftly learn how to establish your practice in the best light.

So if you want to identify your USP in Private Practice, join us in the Academy

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